About Me


Hello, my name is Cherisha Starr.
I am a very nice person, that loves to have FUN! 
Things that I consider fun are nice walks on the beach,
nice dinners, cooking, hunting, fishing, intimacy, & watching naughty videos.
I'm VERY energetic with a great outgoing personality.
I'm not the type to hurt peoples feelings, but I do like my privacy at times.
I love to travel, & visit amusement parks.
I'm a music lover, that feels music heals ALL souls.
I'm very ambitious, with a competitive attitude.
I love all types of sports especially playing sand volleyball, softball, & I love to swim.
I like nice lingerie from , & Frederick's of Hollywood.
My favorite perfumes are Dior 'J'Adore' Eau de Parfum Spray & Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday"
During my time of intimacy I love to look beautiful for the one who desires me.
Which includes smelling good, looking fabulous, with my mind fully focused on you.
I love to role play & dominate if need be.
Although I am very submissive, I can be whatever your mind desires.
Fun is my middle name, so with that being said open-minded should be my middle name HeHe
I am 24 yrs old,  with no children.
I'm a pet lover of Dogs, Exotic Fish, & Horses.
Things that I would like to do that I never have are:
Scuba dive, Para-sail, & Water Ski. As you can see I love the water.
I'm a person that is truly family orientated, & respectful of others and their families.
My goals for the future are to
continue to strive to achieve my Business Management/ Accounting Degree,
take my business to the highest level of video stardom,
And to get a beautiful portfolio to ignite a future in modeling.
I would also like to donate to charities to give back such as
Breast Cancer Research, Educating Youth on HIV/ Aids, & Starving Children.
Hope you've learned a little about me,
Cant Wait to see you!
Cherisha Starr 

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